The whole ‘save the environment’ ideal is a commitment that many adults make but you have to remember that this endeavour is something you can start early on for your kids too. Simply teaching them how to recycle their school materials goes a long way. When they have practised all these measures then they become fully aware of their role in saving the environment. It will become a cycle and when they grow old, there is something they would teach the future generations to come. Here are some tips on how you can make your kids do their job when it comes to recycling school materials.

Check on what you will buy


Bringing your kids with you to the mall or school supplies store can be very daunting. They might just bulk up on the purchase and make you feel overwhelmed once you see the bill. You have to remind your kids to put only what they need inside your shopping basket.

As a parent, you must also make sure that you do not fall prey to those huge item discounts that you see. Apparently, your kids will definitely follow suit if they see you attracted to these items.  These bulk items are only good for the picking if you are certain you will be able to use them all. In this regard, you have to check what has been leftover the previous school year to make sure you will only be purchasing what is actually needed.

Avoid several car trips to the store

Listing what is needed with your kids help will certainly lessen the trips you will make to the store. This can lessen harm on the environment since you will save on fuel and free the air from the pollution that comes out of your car.

Teach your kids about how old materials can be reused and recycled

Due to the different technologies used in schools, kids of today no longer write much on paper and notebooks. That does not mean though that they will no longer be using these supplies in the years to come. It does not mean either that you should purchase a new set of notebooks for this school year. You can always recycle old notebooks. There are pages there that may have not been used. Put these pages together and voila! You will be surprised with how much you will save when it comes to buying such supplies. Encourage your child to do the recycling with you and let him realise how much he will benefit from it.

Always teach them to take good care of their things

Kids are often fascinated with buying new school stuff. This is quite understandable especially if kids the same age they are always have something new to bring to school every year. However, you have to teach your kids the value of saving their things. In that regard, you have to educate them as to how they can make their school supplies last longer. Tell them that when they take care of their things, these supplies will always look good as new!