We all know that recycling is important – but knowing what and where to recycle can be confusing for many people. To help you determine what can be recycled, here is a list of common household metals that can be easily recycled for profit!


  1. Bottles and Cans

Did you know that you can make money by rounding up your bottles and cans? Through aluminum recycling, one man was able to make $1500 by collecting soda cans during his work breaks.


  1. Stainless Steel Sinks and Brass Faucets

Are you in the process of upgrading your bathroom and kitchen? Recycle your old sinks and faucets!


  1. Appliances

If your appliances are wearing down, or simply don’t work anymore, get cash back by recycling them. This includes refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, washers and dryers.


  1. Aluminum and Cast Iron Pots & Pans

If you’re upgrading your cookware, recycle your old pots and pans for some cash!


  1. Garden/Patio Furniture

Iron patio furniture can be used as scrap metal. Tables, chairs, metal swings and even iron railing can be recycled for money.


  1. Televisions and Monitors

One of the most profitable scrap metals is copper. You can find copper wires that are attached at the base of the TV monitor, or dismantle them further to find circuit boards and other copper pieces.


  1. Paint Cans

Finish a paint job? Give us your used can to recycle.


  1. Bicycles

If your child has outgrown their old bicycle, or you’re simply looking for an upgrade, consider turning in your old bike for some cash.


  1. Scissors

Are you unable to sharpen and recondition your old metal scissors? Recycling them is a great option.


  1. Keys

Millions of keys are thrown away each year. By taking the extra step and recycling them, you can help reduce waste.


If you’re in need of some extra money, consider looking around your house for metal items that you no longer need. On top making some cash, you’ll also be contributing to the welfare of your community and the environment. Questions and concerns? Contact Manville Recycling to speak with our friendly and professional team. We’re a leading Canadian recycler, experienced in drop-off, pick-up and expert analysis of your material.